Плагин вопрос ответ для wordpress на русском – Какой плагин WordPress используется для сообщества экспертов, вопросов и ответов?

CM Answers — Плагин для WordPress

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Enables users to post questions and answers (Q&A) in a stack overflow style. Includes voting, moderation, notifications, access control and more.

The CM Answers is a questions and answers plugin for WordPress that enables users to add questions and answers (Q&A) in a stack overflow style.

The Answers plugin allows users to post questions and answers, leave comments, vote, and upload files in a discussion board format.

Users of this WordPress answers plugin have full moderation access of questions and answers, can restrict user capabilities, and create multiple forum categories.

Admins also have the ability to customize the questions and answers, filter any unwanted content, add answers, and easily keep track of users actions in the forum.

The CM Answers discussion forum plugin has many other unique features, like voting for questions and answers, which allows administrators to customize it according to his or her needs.

Additional features of this ultimate WordPress questions and answers plugin include multiple file uploads, private messages, and the ability to subscribe to categories and certain topics, as well as receive notifications when there is new content.

Add-Ons & Extensions


  • Forum — Puts a lightweight and easy to use Discussion Forum on your WordPress site or blog.
  • Support Forum — Supports your users while allowing them vote and answer existing topics that you moderate.
  • Community — Adds a discussion forum to your site that allow your members to start their own conversations and ask questions.
  • Questions & Answers — Users can answer questions sent in by other users.
  • Customer Support — Support for retail customer’s questions.
  • StackOverflow — Adds a StackOverflow style forum to your site.
  • Paid Support — Charge users for posted questions & answers.
  • Anonymous Posting — Support anonymous posting with aditional add-on

Бесплатные функции

  • Includes a views count
  • Includes an answers count
  • Administrators can moderate question & answers and can receive email notifications.
  • Users can receive notifications when answering a question pending follow-up.
  • Sorting options in the question and answer pages.
  • Template can be easily customized according to users requirements.
  • We will be happy to add more language files and submit them to our WP community members. Currently we support: Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, French and Czech.

Функции Pro версии

Pro Version Detailed Features List

  • Mobile Responsive — Adjusted design and uex for mobile devices.
  • Anonymous Posting — Support anonymous non logged-in user posting when used with Add-on.
  • Private Answers — Mark answer as private so only question author can see.
  • Private Question — Send questions privately to question author.
  • Advertisements — Integration with Ad-Sense or other Ads networks.
  • Comments — GAdd comments to question or answers.
  • MicroPayment — Grant or Charge virtual currency based on use-case.
  • Comments — Ability add comments for question and for answers.
  • Multiple Attachments — Multiple attachments in questions and answers.
  • Spam Report — User can report span questions or answers.
  • Access Control — Admin can define who can ask questions and who can answer based on user role.
  • Integration with Twitter — Users can register and post using existing Twitter account
  • Edit Question / Answers — Users can edit the question or the answer after submission.
  • BuddyPress — Stronger Integration with BuddyPress.
  • Two Levels Category Navigation — Support two level category navigation.
  • Ajax Support — Uses a Shortcode that displays the Category, supported by Ajax. Views of categories fit within the current site template.
  • Social Media Registration Integration — Integrates with Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn profiles. View Image, [See another image] (http://www.cminds.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/cm-answers-image2.png)
  • Shortcodes — Generates a Questions List by using a Shortcode: cma-questions with additional parameters. For example, limit=10 author=123 sort=hottest [View Demo] (http://answers.cminds.com/cm-answers-shortcode-example/)
  • User Dashboard — Adds «My Questions» and «My Answers» dashboards to the user profile page by using Shortcodes: cma-my-questions and cma-my-answers View Image
  • Categories — Ability to add categories and display them using a Shortcode. cat=catname View Demo, View Demo in Questions Index
  • Widgets — Widget integration that can sort and display hottest questions, most viewed, most recent answers and more. View Image
  • User Posting Meter — Ability to add the user’s profile of the number of posted questions and answers that the user has contributed displayed beside their user name. View Image
  • Show/Hide Views — Administrator can choose to hide or show the number of views that a topic has. View Image
  • Moderation- Administrators can define a list of users who are exempt and can post without any need of moderation. View Image
  • Multisite — Supports multisite.
  • Gravatar — Ability to display a Gravatar near the user’s name and in the user’s profile.
  • Order Answers — Shows and sorts all answers in ascending or descending order. View Image from Settings, View Demo
  • Attachment — Accepts file attachments when posting a question. Limits for file types and sizes. View Image, View Image from Settings
  • Localization Support — Frontend (user side) is localized.
  • View Count Control — Controls how a view count is tabulated (by view or by session). View Image from Settings
  • Public User Profile — Automatically generates a public profile page containing all the questions and answers a user has posted, with a link to his or her social media profile. View Image
  • Gratitude Message — Does not include our Gratitude Message in the footer.
  • Tags — Tags are fully supported. Administrators can control the appearance of tags with an available Tags widget. View Demo — Widget on the right, View Image
  • Sticky Questions — Supports sticky questions with an administrator defined background color. View Demo — First question is sticky, View Image When Admin edit question post, View Image from settings
  • Code Snippets in Posts — Support for code snippets and custom background color. View Demo of code inside a question, View Image from settings
  • Homepage — Supports options to define CM Answers as the Site or Blog homepage
  • Permalink — Customizable CM Answers permalink. View Image from settings
  • Disclaimer — Added Disclaimer support for first time users. View Image from Settings, View Image of when disclaimer appears
  • Social Share — Includes a social share widget in the question page. View Demo


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Плагин вопросов и ответов - SabaiDiscuss

Всем привет, уважаемые читатели. Сегодня хочу рассказать вам о великолепном плагине SabaiDiscuss. Этот интересный плагин позволяет создать на WordPress сайте раздел вопросов и ответов, где любой зарегистрированный посетитель сможет соответственно, задать вопрос и/или ответить на вопросы других посетителей сайта.

Как помнят постоянные читатели на WPNICE уже была статья о плагинах по созданию FAQ. Но это по большей части, плагины позволяющие лишь создать локальную, небольшую базу авторских вопросов и ответов на отдельной страничке. SabaiDiscuss в отличие от них позволяет сделать целый раздел, а при желании даже может стать основой для отдельного сайта. Подобные «доски» с вопросами получили большое распространение на западе, но пока не очень популярны у нас. Вот и попробуем восполнить этот пробел относительно нашей любимой тематики — WordPress. Итак, вначале поговорим о плагине, а затем я расскажу вам о сути своего эксперимента.

SabaiDiscuss — система для организации вопросов и ответов на вашем сайте

Да, да именно целая система, так как плагином в привычном понимании, назвать его язык не поворачивается. Опишу вкратце основные возможности:

  • Публикация вопросов и ответов на любой странице
  • Система собственных комментариев и их редактирования к вопросам и ответам
  • Авто заполнение тегов для вопросов
  • Создание иерархических категорий
  • Возможность прикреплять файлы в вопросах и ответах
  • Система голосований «Вверх и вниз» для пользователей
  • Возможность закрывать и переоткрывать вопросы
  • Возможность сделать нужные вопросы избранными
  • Автоматическая система антиспама
  • Возможность не только задавать вопросы и отвечать на них, но и принимать ответ как правильный
  • Система репутации пользователей
  • Настраиваемая система собственных полей
  • Определение прав для пользователей
  • Мощный визуальный редактор для вопросов и ответов
  • Девять собственных виджетов
  • Уведомления по email о всех изменениях по вашему вопросу/ответу
  • Возможность разрешить гостям задавать вопросы и ответы
  • Высокая совместимость с любыми WP темами
  • Мощные системы поиска и фильтров
  • и прочее…

Ну пожалуй, достаточно формальных перечислений. Думаю, вы поняли уже насколько серьезное дело представляет из себя это плагин. Не буду слишком подробно останавливаться на настройках, ибо не благодарное это дело, потому как SabaiDiscuss достаточно часто обновляется и дорабатывается автором. Все точные технические описания настроек быстро устаревают. Сделаю самый общий обзор.

Установка и настройка

Установка плагина простая, но немного не обычная. Всего мы получает от автора 2 архива — sabai и sabai-discuss. Первым делом устанавливаем и активируем sabai привычным способом, а потом уже заливаем sabai-discuss. Но последний не активируем из админки. Второй по сути, идет как расширение к первому и активируется уже в настройках самого sabai. Идем в Настройки — Sabai — и активируем Questions. Вот и все хитрости.

В результате, получаем два раздела с опциями. Sabai и Questions.

Sabai Settings

По большому счету это менеджер дополнений. Большинство дополнений уже будут автоматически установлено, вам нужно только активировать вручную sabai-discuss как я описал выше. Кроме того, если вы используете плагин CubePoints, можете активировать аддон и к нему. В этом же разделе можете очистить собственный кеш плагина и прописать код покупки (влияет только на автоматические обновления плагина).

Для некоторых дополнений (например для комментариев или для файлов) можно кликнуть на соответствующую кнопку и получить доступ к отдельным настройкам.


А вот в этом разделе уже собраны все настройки вашей системы вопросов и ответов. Кстати говоря, плагин не использует стандартные типы записей WordPress, а создает собственные. Заводим нужные категории и теги если требуется. Тут же можно смотреть и редактировать все поступающие вопросы и ответы.

В Настройках на первой вкладке — Главные сосредоточены все нюансы управления и визуального отображения вашей доски с вопросами. Большой выбор цветовых вариантов отображения, настройка системы репутации, всех важных заголовков, сортировки, спама и прочего.

Отдельно еще стоит упомянуть довольно могучий редактор форм Questions — Вопросы — Manage Fields. Если вас чем то не устраивают поля по умолчанию, можете заняться конструированием собственных.

Во вкладке Права доступа можно заняться точным распределением прав для пользователей. Я там пока ничего не трогал и все оставил по умолчанию.

Во вкладке Emails можете прописать свои тексты для 10 почтовых уведомлений на все варианты.

После активации SabaiDiscuss создает новую страничку Questions которая и станет основой ваших вопросов и ответов. Никаких шорткодов тут прописывать не надо, достаточно просто вывести эту страницу например, в меню навигации.

В целом, не смотря на довольно приличное количество разнообразных опций, «справится» с этим плагином совсем просто. Почти все можно оставить по умолчанию и оно будет прекрасно работать. Так, что друзья, буду краток — SabaiDiscuss лучший (хотя и не единственный) на сегодня плагин вопросов и ответов для сайта на WordPress!

В данный момент я работаю над русификацией плагина. Частично перевод уже есть и если кому срочно понадобится, качайте тут.

Официальная страница плагина.

Ultimate FAQ — Плагин для WordPress

FAQ plugin that lets you create, organize and publicize your FAQs (frequently asked questions) in no time through your WordPress admin panel. With a modern accordion style layout, the FAQs will fit into any site. Comes with many features and customization options!

FAQ Demo

Includes an easy-to-use Gutenberg block for displaying your FAQs!

FAQ Key Features
  • Unlimited FAQs, with unlimited tag and category support
  • Create FAQ categories
  • Create FAQ posts and assign categories to them
  • Accordion FAQ layout that will fit any site
  • Bulk import FAQs from a spreadsheet
  • Insert custom CSS to style your FAQs

This plugin is very user friendly and comes with a full guided setup (walkthrough). When you activate the plugin, the setup will run and help you create your first FAQs, create your FAQ page and set some important options!


Simply insert the above shortcode into any page to display your FAQs.

The plugin also comes with an easy-to-use Gutenberg block for displaying your FAQs.

You can use either the toggle and/or accordion responsive FAQ style, to display one expanded FAQ answer on click, or choose to display all FAQs on page load, with options to group your FAQs by category and to choose what info shows in each FAQ (such as category, tags, author, date, etc.).

Features include frequently asked question statistics that show how many times FAQs have been viewed, styling options, FAQ tags and categories, display and ordering options, among many other options.

Another helpful feature included is the FAQ shortcode helper. For those using the Classic Editor, it lets you create shortcodes with FAQ attributes without having to manually enter the shortcode.

Ultimate FAQ isn’t just for frequently asked questions. With its responsive accordion layout, that allows you to toggle and collapse content, it also works great for any content similar to an FAQ and that needs to be hidden until it is clicked, like job postings, recipes, etc.! Or, if you have a help desk or knowledge base and need to pass on information to your visitors and/or users, the question/answer formatting is perfect.

Additional FAQ Features
  • Toggle FAQ accordion (close open FAQ when a new one is opened) behaviour on/off
  • Allow people to comment on individual FAQ
  • Microdata question schema, to help with SEO
  • Responsive FAQ design that looks great on all screen sizes
  • Group FAQs by category for easy navigation
  • Gutenberg FAQ block with options to specify categories and number of FAQs

Ultimate FAQ uses the WordPress custom post type functionality to create an FAQ post type, allowing for smart and easy integration. No need to deal with a complicated FAQ builder. By utilizing a custom post and the new Gutenberg block functionality, you have the best possible FAQ builder.

Ultimate FAQ has a responsive design that makes your FAQs look good on all screen sizes and all devices. No more worrying about what your mobile FAQs or accordion might look like. All options and styling will be applied accross all devices, so you can focus on your content.

FAQ for WooCommerce (Requires Premium)

Ultimate FAQs now comes with a premium option that allows you to integrate it with WooCommerce.

Easily add an FAQ tab to each product page, so your customers can see answers to common questions about the products they’re browsing. With its responsive accordion layout, the new WooCommerce FAQ tab will fit seamlessly into any shop. It’s the most comprehensive WooCommerce FAQs solution!

For more information about WooCommerce FAQs integration, please see the following video:

Ultimate FAQ Premium

The premium version of the plugin comes with many extra features that will allow you to customize and perfect the FAQ experience, with many layout options including modern and minimalist choices as well as a list style that offers a more traditional FAQ layout, styling options to further customize the layout, new icon sets, drag and drop ordering, FAQ exporting and two extra easy-to-use Gutenberg blocks for including a search form and a submit question form,

The AJAX FAQ search feature (inserted using either the [utlimate-faq-search] shortcode or the Gutenberg block) lets you add a full FAQ search to your site. It will search the custom post type and dynamically display matching results in the formatted list of FAQs (i.e. it looks just like your regular FAQ page with all the styling options!). And the dynamic FAQ search means it all happens immediately with no page reloading necessary.

With the smart [submit-question] shortcode, you can let your customers add to your custom FAQ list by submitting a question and even proposing an answer for it!

Want to decide exactly what order your FAQs are displayed in? Use our simple drag-and-drop re-ordering feature! Also, create SEO-friendly links to individual FAQ posts to simply direct customers to exactly the right answer, right away. Easily add links to your FAQs to popular social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so that your customers can help you spread the word about your FAQ!

Premium features include:

  • Choose from 15 toggle icon sets for your frequently asked questions
  • WooCommerce FAQ tab with specific FAQs for each product (YouTube Video)
  • Different FAQ display styles
  • Share FAQs on social media
  • Select FAQ animation options for displaying posts
  • User-submitted FAQs and also (optionally) answers
  • Admin notification on FAQ submission
  • AJAX easy FAQ search with autocomplete for question titles
  • Add additional custom fields to your FAQ answer, such as a text area, file, link, date and more
  • Import/Export of FAQs from/to spreadsheet
  • Export all FAQs to a PDF to create a user manual
  • SEO-Friendly FAQ, FAQ category and FAQ tag permalinks
  • Advanced FAQ styling options
  • Drag and drop precise re-ordering of FAQs
  • Change the FAQ permalink slug base
  • Gutenberg FAQ search block
  • Gutenberg FAQ block for including a submit question form

This FAQ plugin is also great for combining with our user management plugin to create a members-only FAQ area.

** We are also pleased to offer a free premium 7-day trial feature, which users can choose to test out before buying the premium version! **

FAQ Shortcodes
  • [ultimate-faqs]: display all FAQs, or only specific categories using include_category and exclude_category attributes (both take a comma-separated list of category slugs)
  • [popular-faqs]: displays a number of the most viewed FAQs (5 unless specified).
  • [recent-faqs]: displays a number of the most recently added FAQs (5 unless specified).
  • [select-faq]: display specific FAQ posts, using the attributes faq_name, faq_slug and faq_id which take comma-separated lists of FAQ post names, slugs and ids respectively.
  • [ultimate-faq-search]: display a search form that allows users to find FAQs with a specific string in the title or body of the FAQ post (premium).
  • [submit-question]: display a form that allows users to submit FAQs of their own and, if enabled, enter an answer to their submitted question as well (premium).

For further information and purchasing options for our frequently asked questions plugin, please visit our WordPress FAQ plugin homepage.


For help and support, please see:

  • Our FAQ page, here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-faqs/faq/
  • Our installation guide, here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-faqs/installation/
  • Our documentation, here: https://www.etoilewebdesign.com/plugins/ultimate-faq/documentation-ultimate-faq/
  • Our tutorial videos, here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEndQUuhlvSrNdfu5FKa1uGHsaKZxgdWt
  • The Ultimate FAQ support forum, here: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/ultimate-faqs

WP responsive FAQ with category plugin — Плагин для WordPress

Add, Edit & Manage FAQ with WP Responsive FAQ with Category Plugin.

FAQ section is one of the significant requirements of any informative or business website. The FAQ section needs to be handled with ease by the webmaster to deliver the right requirement of frequently asked doubts on the webpage. Using WP Responsive FAQ with Category Plugin, your CMS website gets an opportunity to easily add, edit, manage or display the important FAQs.

This plugin is highly customized, responsive and versatile to make your FAQ section empower your customer’s doubts. Simply download, install and use it on your website to give a valid reason for your customer for staying a little longer.

Check Demo and Features for additional information.

Also work with Gutenberg shortcode block.

Now you can also Fillter OR Display FAQ by category.

Here is the example :

[sp_faq category="category_ID" single_open="true" transition_speed="300"]
[sp_faq category="category_ID" single_open="true" transition_speed="300"]

To use this FAQ plugin just create a new page and add this FAQ short code


If you want to display FAQ by category then use this short code

[sp_faq  category="category_ID"]
Shortcode parameters are
  • limit : [sp_faq limit=»10″] (ie Limit the number FAQ’s items to be display. By default value is limit=»-1″ ie all)
  • category : [sp_faq category=»category_ID»] (ie Display FAQ’s by category. You can find shortcode under Faq -> FAQ Category)
  • single_open : [sp_faq single_open=»true»] (ie Display One FAQ item when click to open. By default value is «true». Values are «true» and «false»)
  • transition_speed : [sp_faq transition_speed=»300″] (ie transition speed when user click to open FAQ item )

This faqs plugin add a FAQs page in your wordpress website with accordion.

The faq plugin adds a «FAQ» tab to your admin menu, which allows you to enter FAQ Title and FAQ Description items just as you would regular posts.

we have also used faq accordion function so that user can show/hide FAQ content.

New Features include:
  • wp-faq with category [sp_faq category="category_ID"] You can find shortcode under Faq -> FAQ Category
  • Just create a FAQs page and add short code [sp_faq limit="-1"]
  • accordion
  • Setting page removed and add shortcode parameters ie single_open and transition_speed
  • Add thumb image for FAQ
  • Easy to configure FAQ page
  • Smooth FAQ Accordion effect
  • Smoothly integrates this paq plugin into any theme
  • CSS and JS file for FAQ custmization
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Added Text Domain and Domain Path
PRO FAQ Plugin Features include:
[sp_faq limit="10"  category="category_ID" design="design-2" grid="2"
 category_name="sports"  single_open="false" transition_speed="300" 
 background_color="#000" font_color="#fff" border_color="#444"]
  • Added 15 pre defined designs.
  • WP Templating Features.
  • Gutenberg Block Supports.
  • Visual Composer/WPBakery Page Builder Supports.
  • WooCommerce Support. You can add product FAQ easily.
  • Drag&Drop interface to display FAQ in your desired order.
  • Customize any design with shortcode parameters.
  • Various shortcode parameter for FAQ like Order, Orderby, Limit, Color, Backgrond color, Border color, Active FAQ color, Display specific FAQ, Exclude some FAQ and many more.
  • Plugin setting page with custom css setting.
  • Category section with shortcode.
  • Display FAQ with category wise.
  • Accordion with better animation.
  • Custom Colors option as in shortcode parameter.
  • Display FAQ’s in grid view.
  • Display category name.

View PRO DEMO and Features for additional information.

Pro Shortcode Parameters are
  • Limit : [sp_faq limit=»10″] (Limit the number FAQ’s items to be display. By default value is limit=»20″.)
  • Category : [sp_faq category=»category_ID»] (Display FAQ’s by category.)
  • Category Name : [sp_faq category_name=»category name»] (Display FAQ’s category name. It will display above FAQ.)
  • Design : [sp_faq design=»design-1″] (Select design for faq. We have added 8 colors design ie design-1, design-2, design-3 to design-8.)
  • Single Open : [sp_faq single_open=»true»] (Display One FAQ item when click to open. By default value is «true». Values are «true» and «false».)
  • Transition Speed : [sp_faq transition_speed=»300″] (Transition speed when user click to open FAQ item.)
  • Background Color : [sp_faq background_color=»#000″] (Set background color of FAQ item.)
  • Font Color : [sp_faq font_color=»#fff»] (Set font color of FAQ item.)
  • Border Color : [sp_faq border_color=»#444″] (Set border color of FAQ box.)
  • Heading Font Size : [sp_faq heading_font_size=»20″] (Set font size for FAQ heading.)
  • Active FAQ Background Color : [sp_faq active_bg_color=»#fff»] (Set open FAQ background color.)
  • Icon Color : [sp_faq icon_color=»white»] (Set the icon color. By default value is «black». Options are «black» OR white».)
  • Icon Type : [sp_faq icon_type=»plus»] (Set the icon type. By default value is «arrow». Options are «plus» OR arrtow».)
  • Icon Position : [sp_faq icon_position=»left»] (Set the icon position. By default value is «right». Options are «left» OR right».)
  • Order : [sp_faq order=»DESC»] (Set the FAQ order. Options are «DESC» OR ASC»)
  • Orderby : [sp_faq orderby=»post_date»] (Set the FAQ orderby. Default value is ‘post_date’. Options are «ID», «title», «post_date», «modified», «rand», «menu_order».)
  • Posts : [sp_faq posts=»1,5,6″] (Display only specific FAQ posts.)
  • Exclude Post : [sp_faq exclude_post=»1,5,6″] (Exclude some FAQ post which you do not want to display.)
  • Exclude Category : [sp_faq exclude_cat=»1,5,6″] (Exclude some FAQ category which you do not want to display.)

Added New Shortcode to display FAQ’s items with categories in the grid view
[faq-category-grid grid=»2″ background_color=»#f1f1f1″ font_color=»#000″ heading_font_size=»20″]

SP FAQ allows you to provide a well-designed and informative FAQ section, which can decrease the amount of user inquiries on various issues.
With the help of given CSS file for this FAQ plugin you can desgin this FAQ plugin as per your layout.

Privacy & Policy
  • We have also opt-in e-mail selection , once you download the plugin , so that we can inform you and nurture you about products and its features.

Плагины Викторины для wordpress | MnogoBlog

Здравствуйте, сегодня рассмотрим wordpress плагины для создания викторины, тестов на сайте.
Скачать исходники для статьи можно ниже


1. WP Pro Quiz

Последнее обновление: 2013-9-21

Загрузок: 42,785

Сайт плагина: “wordpress.org/plugins/wp-pro-quiz/”

Форум поддержки по плагину (на анг.): ”wordpress.org/support/plugin/wp-pro-quiz”


Плагин русифицирован, то есть настройки, а также интерфейс создания викторин на русском языке! (правда, перевод не полный, встречаются и некоторые строчки и на английском, но они не мешают созданию викторины).


Функционал плагина:

  • Отображение вопросов случайным образом
  • Отображение вопросов по тематике
  • Установите лимит времени
  • Статистика о правильных и неправильных ответов
  • Возможность ограничить количество попыток для прохождения теста до одной
  • Получать уведомления, когда пользователи завершили викторину
  • Возможность проведения викторины только для зарегистрированных пользователей
  • Показать средний балл и балл пользователя
  • Создание шаблонов викторины
  • Давать подсказки
  • и др.


После установки и активации плагина WP Pro Quiz, в панели управления wordpress появиться новый пункт “WP-Pro-Quiz”, настройки на русском – поэтому все достаточно понятно.

Чтобы вставить викторину на сайт, нужно воспользоваться шорткодом:


плагины викториныплагины викторины

Как выглядит викторина на сайте:

викторина на сайтвикторина на сайт


Прохождение викторины:

плагины викторины для сайтаплагины викторины для сайта

Отличный плагин!


2. Quiz Master Next

Последнее обновление: 2014-5-18

Загрузок: 17,776

Сайт плагина: “wordpress.org/plugins/quiz-master-next/”

Форум поддержки по плагину (на анг.): ”wordpress.org/support/plugin/quiz-master-next”


На данный момент плагин не русифицирован – настройки и создания викторины на английском языке, однако, автор плагина пообещал решить данный вопрос в следующих обновлениях плагина – будем ждать!

После установки и активации плагина, в панели управления wordpress появиться новый пункт “Quiz Dashboard”:


плагины викторины на wordpressплагины викторины на wordpress


3. Chained Quiz

Достаточно интересный плагин – главная его особенность заключается в том, что каждый следующий вопрос зависит от ответа на предыдущий вопрос.


Последнее обновление: 2014-5-19

Загрузок: 728

Сайт плагина: “wordpress.org/plugins/chained-quiz/”

Форум поддержки по плагину (на анг.): ”wordpress.org/support/plugin/chained-quiz”

Плагин не русифицирован.


Функционал плагина:

  • Создать неограниченное количество опросов и вопросов
  • Различные виды ответов: один-выбор, множественный выбор, эссе
  • Начисление очков за каждую ответ
  • Рассчитать результат на основе ответов
  • Определите, что делать, когда конкретный ответ выбран – Переход к следующему вопросу в викторине, перейти еще раз к выбранному вопросу, или закончить викторину.


4. SlickQuiz

Последнее обновление: 2014-5-18

Загрузок: 25,762

Сайт плагина: “wordpress.org/plugins/slickquiz/”

Форум поддержки по плагину (на анг.): ”wordpress.org/support/plugin/slickquiz”

Плагин не русифицирован.



  • Есть возможность поделиться результатами викторины через Twitter и Facebook
  • Возможность сохранение результатов прохождения викторины пользователями
  • Неограниченное количество вопросов и ответов
  • и др.


Рассмотренные выше 4 плагина для создания викторины являются лучшими на данный момент, но ниже приведу еще пару плагинов:


5. mTouch Quiz

Последнее обновление: 2014-2-27

Загрузок: 63,375

Сайт плагина: “wordpress.org/plugins/mtouch-quiz/”

Форум поддержки по плагину (на анг.): ”wordpress.org/support/plugin/mtouch-quiz”

Плагин не русифицирован.


6. WPQuiz

Последнее обновление: 2014-4-30

Загрузок: 3,077

Сайт плагина: “wordpress.org/plugins/wpquiz/”

Форум поддержки по плагину (на анг.): ”wordpress.org/support/plugin/wpquiz”

Плагин не русифицирован.


7. Watu

Последнее обновление: 2014-5-15

Загрузок: 28,729

Сайт плагина: “wordpress.org/plugins/watu/”

Форум поддержки по плагину (на анг.): ”wordpress.org/support/plugin/watu”

Плагин не русифицирован.

Watu Quiz — Плагин для WordPress

Create exams and quizzes and display the result immediately after the user takes the exam. You can assign grades and point levels for every grade in the exam / quiz. Then assign points to every answer to a question and Watu will figure out the grade based on the total number of points collected.

Watu for WordPress is a light version of Watu PRO. Check it if you want to run fully featured exams with data exports, student logins, categories etc.

This plugin is mobile / touch — friendly. The quizzes will work on mobile devices and phones.

Please go to Watu Quizzes in your dashboard to start creating quizzes and exams.

Возможности плагина

  • Creates quizzes, tests and exams
  • Use shortcodes to embed quizzes in posts or pages
  • Single-choice questions
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Open-end questions (essays)
  • Required questions
  • Случайные вопросы
  • Pull random questions from a pool
  • Grades
  • Shows answers at the end of the quiz or immediately after selection
  • List of users who took exam along with their results
  • Export results to CSV file
  • Import questions from CSV
  • Ajax-based loading of the quiz results
  • Facebook sharing
  • Mobile / touch — friendly
  • Notify admin when someone takes a quiz
  • You can connect to MailChimp using the Watu to MailChimp Bridge
  • A basic bar chart is available for showing user points vs. average points on a given quiz

Attention WordPress Network (Multi Site) Users

When activating the plugin do it as blog admin and not as network admin.

Online Demo

Feel free to check the live demo here. It should answer most «pre-download» questions.
If you have more doubts just download the plugin and check out if it works for you. It’s free and takes a few seconds to install and activate.

Решение проблем

When opening a support thread please provide URL (link) where we can see your problem.

A very common problem is not being able to submit the quiz, or the quiz does not displays at all. This is usually a fatal JavaScript error caused by other plugins or your them. If you are technical you can easily find the error yourself by checking the JavaScript error console in Chrome or Firefox. Disable the offending plugin and everything will start working normally.

Developers API

In order to allow other plugins to integrate better to Watu we have started working on developers API.
The following action calls are currently available:

= do_action(‘watu_exam_submitted’, $taking_id)
Called when exam is submitted, passes the attempt ID

= do_action(‘watu_exam_submitted_detailed’, $taking_id, $exam, $user_ID, $achieved, $g_id)
Same as above but passes also the full exam object, the user ID, points and grade ID

= do_action(‘watu_exam_saved’, $exam_id)
Called when you add or edit exam (after submitting the changes). Passes the changed exam ID.

Community Translations

  • Persian (Farsi) translation provided by Reza: download zip with .po / .mo files
  • German translation provided by Peter Baumgartner is available here

  • Russian translation provided by @Nikon: .po / .mo

  • The included Romanian translation is provided by Andrei Ciuculescu

  • Portuguese translation provided by José Costa

  • List of your exams with shortcodes for embedding in posts or pages
  • The form for creating and editing an exam/test
  • You can add unlimited number of questions in each exam, and each question can of single-answer, multiple-answer, or open-end type.

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the entire folder watu to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Активируйте плагин используя меню ‘Плагины’ в WordPress
  3. Go to «Watu Settings» to change the default settings (optional)
  4. Go to «Watu Quizzes» under «Tools» menu to create your exams, add questions, answers and grades. On the «manage questions» page of the created exam page, above the questions table you will see a green text. It shows you the code you need to enter in a post content where you want the exam to appear.
How are grades calculated?

Watu computes the number of points in total collected by the answers given by the visitor. Then it finds the grade. For example: If you have 2 questions and the correct answers in them give 5 points each, the visitor will collect either 0, or 5 or 10 points at the end. You may decide to define grades «Failed» for 0 to 4 points and «Passed» for those who collected more than 4 points. In reality you are going to have more questions and answers and some answers may be partly correct which gives you full flexibility in assigning points and managing the grades.

Can I assign negative points?

Yes. It’s even highly recommended for answers to questions that allow multuple answers. If you just assign 0 points to the wrong answers in such question the visitor could check all the checkboxes and collect all the points to that question.

How do I show the quiz to the visitors of my blog?

You need to create a post and embed the exam code. The exam code is shown in the green text above the questions table in «Manage questions» page for that exam.

Please do not place more than one code in one post or page. Only one exam will be shown at a time. If you wish more exams to be displayed, please give links to them!

How does it handle user accounts?

Watu uses the WordPress user registration / login system. So if you want to allow users to register for quizzes simply select «Require user login» in the Edit Quiz page and make sure «Anyone can register» is selected in your WordPress Settings page.

Is it compatible with BuddyPress or membership plugins?

Since it uses the standard WordPress user login system, it is compatible with BuddyPress and all membership plugins that we know about. Of course, some odd membership plugin that uses its own user login system might be incompatible with Watu.

How to translate the plugin interface in my language or just change some of the texts

You can use the standard WordPress way of translating plugins (via Poedit and .po / .mo files) or use plugin like Loco Translate.
If using Poedit, your file names should start with «watu-«. For example: watu-de_DE.po / watu-de_DE.mo. They should be placed in wp-content/languages/plugins folder.

Can I override the templates / views without modifying the plugin code? (For advanced users)

Yes. You can create a folder called «watu» under your active WP theme folder. Then create a copy of the view file you want to modify, keep the original name, and place it in the «watu» folder there. (Do not create «views» folder). Then the copy of the template will be used instead of the original one.

I’m getting «Error Occured» message after submitting the quiz

If you get «Error Occurred» when submitting a quiz, this is usually because there is too much data to be sent through Ajax. Watu normally uses Ajax to submit quizzes to make the user experience more pleasant. If your server cannot handle the data by Ajax for some reason (too much data, improper configuration, etc), you can switch off Ajax from Watu Settings page. Navigate near the bottom of the page and you will see heading «Ajax in quizzes». Select the problematic test(s) and save.

How to create a «Retry Quiz» link or button?

To let the user retry the quiz you simply need to take them back to the same page where the quiz is published (i.e. to refresh the page). So you can place a link or button in the «Final screen» of the quiz and that link or button will point to the quiz page itself.

This is a great plugin. If I needed the advanced features in Pro I wouldn't hesitate to buy.

I tried several quiz plugins for WordPress and I have to say that this one is by far the easiest to navigate and has exactly the features I needed and couldn`t find in any other free versions of quiz plugins.

Hi team, I have a presale question about your plugin. is it possible to create different parts for a same quiz that would allow the user to stop or continue on the next part.I'm looking for a plugin to test the level of users and my quiz contains a lot of questions. To avoid that beginners have to go to the end of the quiz, I would like to know if it is possible to stop at any time and still display the results ? Thank you in advance, Best regards, Aude

Estoy probando todavía, pero es GENIAL.


We've been using various versions of Quiz plugins for an online educational website (non profit organization). For a few years we had a good one, but not perfect. Especially after the authors stopped updating it and it didn't work correct anymore with later versions of WordPress. After testing various plugins, we found that this one was the best available. Even the free version is great! You can create quizzes, send people email notifications if they passed the quiz/exams, you can set random questions from a pool of questions. Multiple choice, include images.. amazing, especially considering this is all to be found in the free(!) version. As soon as we get some funding we'll register the paid for version.

Посмотреть все 87 отзывов

«Watu Quiz» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:

Changes in 3.1.4
  • Added hook for third-party integrations right before outputting the final screen
  • Fixed forced CSS rule to keep radios and checkboxes on the same line with the answer
  • Added variable %%USER-NAME%% to show the logged in user name on final screen and email contents
  • Added function to mass delete selected results on a quiz.
  • The %%PERCENTAGE%% variable can be used to show the % correctly answered questions at the end of the quiz.
Changes in 3.1
  • Added buttons to Save & Reuse the current question (and Save & Add blank) to make adding multiple questions easier, especially when they have similar structure
  • Added function to import questions from CSV file
  • Added filters for question type, ID, and question contents on the Manage Questions page
  • The plugin no longer stores IP addresses (GDPR compliance)
  • Added option to mass delete questions
  • Added rich text editor on answers to questions
  • Removed the obsolete FB share dialog which did not work well and used the new SD kit
  • Added option to mass update questions (currently change required status)
  • Added option to switch off auto-scroll when user goes from page to page in the quiz. It is useful on some page designs.
Changes in 3.0
  • The plugin will now count empty (unanswered) questions separately from wrongly answered. The variable %%EMPTY%% can be used at the Final screen to display the number of unanswered questions.
  • Column «% correct» added to the takings page + information on the number of correctly answered, wrongly answered, and unanswered questions.
  • The export file now includes information about % correct answers, num correct, num wrong, and num unanswered questions.
  • Added parameters to the [watu-takings] shortcode that allow you to hide taker’s email and the columns for points and percent correct answers.
  • Added option to select CSV delimiter and quotes around text fields in the CSV
  • Added option to sort quizzes by name or number of questions.
  • Improved integration with Namaste! LMS: you can restrict access to tests if they are required by lessons until the assigned lessons have been read.
  • Improved integration with Namaste! LMS: you can now filter quiz results based on user’s course enrollment.
  • Made the admin pages responsive to allow managing the quizzes in phones and other mobile devices
  • Applied wp_login_url and wp_registration_url hooks for better integration with quizzes that enhance the login/registration process.
Changes in 2.9
  • You can now specify sender email address which is different than the address in your global WP Settings page. You can also use the suggested format to specify sender’s name which is different than the default «WordPress».
  • Manage questions page now shows question type and whether it’s a required question.
  • Added user email in the taking details & takings list pages when email is available
  • Points to answers and grades can contain decimals. The total in the «Final screen» will also show decimals when available.
  • Added option to save and filter by source URL when taking a quiz. This can be useful if you have published the same quiz in different pages on your site.
  • Added configuration for the submit button value. It can be different for every quiz.
  • Various security improvements
  • Added shortcode to display information from user’s profile. Check the internal Help page for more details.
  • The plugin is integrated to MoolaMojo so when quiz is taken user can be awarded or charged virtual credits of their balance
  • New option lets you define the word used for «quiz» in the system — for example «test», «exam» etc.
Changes in 2.8
  • Added option «Do not alert the user when skipping a non-required question».
  • The optional answer feedback will now be shown in «Show the answer of a question immediately» mode. Please note again this is not secure and shouldn’t be used for real knowledge tests.
  • Added CSS overrides for themes that put radios and checkboxes on their own lines
  • Added shortcode [watu-takings] to display a simplified version of the «View results» page on the front end.
  • You can enable non-admin WP roles to manage the plugin so you don’t have to share your admin login with staff that has to manage quizzes.
  • Added sortable columns on the «view results» page and the associated shortcode.
  • Added honeypot option to prevent spam (it’s not obtrusive like captchas and almost as efficient)
  • Added debug mode to display SQL errors
  • Added variable %%EMAIL%% for quizzes that require login or request user’s email
  • You can now specify URL to redirect the user to upon achieving a given grade
  • The question feedback can be split into different content for correct and incorrect responses.
Changes in 2.7
  • Added option to limit the number of logged in user attempts for quizzes that require login.
  • You can specify one or more email addresses that will receive user’s results (instead of just using the admin email from your WP Settings page)
  • You can now specify different content for the email sent to you when someone takes a quiz
  • New option lets you to send email to user with their results. If user is not logged in this will generate a required field to enter email on the quiz page.
  • You can specify different email contents of the email sent to user than the contents of the email sent to admin
  • All views / templates can now be overriden by placing their copy under a folder called «watu» in your theme folder.
  • Added option to switch off Ajax submitting for certain quizzes. This is useful if you are embedding javascript via shortcodes from other plugins in the final screen of the quiz as some javascripts won’t work when loaded by Ajax.
  • Fixed security exploit
  • Created main level menu for Watu to arrange the submenus better
  • Added short Help page
  • Added a basic bar chart for showing user points vs. average points on a given quiz. Use the shortcode [watu-basic-chart] in the Final Screen to display it.
Changes in 2.6
  • Added optional text-based «captcha» to prevent spam bot submissions on quizzes which do not require user login
  • Option to reoder the questions. Of course this takes effect only when you have not chosen «Randomize questions» in the quiz settings.
  • Removed the hardcoded text «your answers are shown below» and the setting «display answers at the end of the quiz». Instead of this use the variable %%ANSWERS%% which gives far more flexibility.
  • Added option to not store takings in the database. Will be useful to save DB space when you have a quiz whose resutls you don’t need to know.
  • Added two new variables — %%AVG-POINTS%% and %%BETTER-THAN%% to compare your results to others who completed the quiz
  • Added option to enable previous button
  • Added option to automatically publish the quiz in a post at the time of saving
  • Added question numbers + option to not display them (old quizzes default to it for consistency with the previous behavior)
  • Added social sharing option. Currently supports Facebook sharing. You’ll need Facebook app ID.
  • Added Twitter sharing option. As above, use the shortcode [watushare-buttons] to enable all sharing buttons accordingly to your sharing options.
Changes in 2.5
  • Added optional answer explanation / feedback that can be shown along with the correct answers on the quiz
  • Added filter / search on the «view results» page
  • Added feature to andomize the answers to the questions. Works together or independent from the question randomization.
  • Added compatibility with WP QuickLaTeX
  • You can now be notified by email when someone takes a quiz
  • Made the quiz more user-friendly by auto-generating a demo quiz for the new users
  • Improvements to open end quesitons: now any special characters are handled and matching is case INSENSITIVE
  • Moved the grades management out of the main quiz form for better user interface, data integrity and rich text editor for the grade descriptions
  • Added «grade» filter in the «View results» page
  • Added option to pull number of random questions from the quiz
  • Fixed number of wpautop() issues. Now the filter is applied manually only where it’s needed
  • Fixed bug with calculating points on open-end question (the bug was caused by the latest «randomize answers» feature)
Changes in 2.4
  • Quizzes can now require user login. Depending on whether «Anyone can register» is selected in your main settings page, a register link will also be shown when non-logged in user tries to access such quiz
  • You can now use «the_content» filter instead of «watu_content» to handle nasty problems with plugins like qTranslate. It’s not recommended to use this setting unless you have experienced such problems.
  • The full details of the user answers are now recorded and can be seen via popup in the list of results page
  • Added uninstall script and changed the settings regarding deleting data. Now you have to double confirm deleting your exam. This is to avoid accidential data loss.
  • Removed wpframe and other obsolete code
  • Made small change to the display of radio and checkbox questions to allow easier formatting on one line with CSS
  • Fixed for compatibility with 3.8
  • Quiz description, if entered, shows up on top of the quiz
  • Option to delete single taking and delete all submitted data on a quiz
  • Changed current_user_can(‘administrator’) to current_user_can(‘manage_options’) so you can allow a non-administrator role to use the quizzes
  • Open-end questions can also have answers and be matched to them
  • Replaced wpautop in favor of nl2br to avoid adding


p> tags in unexpected places like hidden fields
— Did some small styling adjustments
— Fixed the %%MAX_POINTS%% calculation to take into account the quesiton type

Changes in 2.3
  • Export quiz results as CSV file (semicolon delimited)
  • The exam shortcode is now easier to copy
  • Animate back to top when submitting exam, and when clicking «next» after long question. This prevents confusion when user has to see the next screen.
  • Fixed bug with «Question X of Y total» showing even for single-page quizzes
  • Each exam / quiz has its own setting about how the answers will be shown
  • As many themes started showing the choices under radio buttons or checkboxes, added explicit CSS to keep them on the same line
  • Fixed new bug with missing answers when adding question
  • Fixed bug with skipping «0» answers
  • Changed %%TOTAL%% to %%MAX-POINTS%% for clarify and consistency. The old tag will keep working.
  • Further code improvements
  • Tested in multisite
  • Fixed «headers already sent» message caused by premature update statement
Changes in 2.2
  • Replaced ‘the_content’ filter with custom filter to avoid issues with membership plugins
  • Cleanup the root folder from show_exam.php
  • Another method added to the API, see the new docs
  • The answers field changed to TEXT so you can now add long choices/answers to the questions
  • Fixed bug in the list of taken exams
  • Fixed issues with correct/wrong answer calculation
  • Added %%CORRECT%% answers variable to display number of correct answers
  • Watu scripts and CSS are now loaded only when you have exams on the page avoiding unnecessary page overload
  • Other code fixes and improvements
Changes in 2.1
  • Displaying «Question X of Y» so the user knows where they are
  • Fixing incompatibility with Paid Membership PRO
  • Shortcodes on the final screen
  • Starting API (Not yet documented)
  • Code fixes and improvements
Changes in 2.0
  • Required questions (optional)
  • A list of users who took an exam along with their results
  • Localization of the strings in the javascript
  • More flexible function to add new DB fields on update
  • Code fixes and improvements
Changes in 1.9
  • Grade title and description are now separated
  • Shortcodes will be executed in questions and final screen
  • Code fixes and improvements
  • Localization issues fixed
Changes in 1.8
  • the exam title links to the post with this exam if exam is already published
  • «show all questions on single page» is now configurable for every exam
  • Improving code continued (more to come)
Changes in 1.7
  • You can now randomize the questions in a quiz
  • Fixed issues with the DB tables during upgrade
  • Removed more obsolete code, fixed code issues. More on this to come.
Changes in 1.6
  • Removed obsolete rich text editor and replaced with wp_editor call
  • Added «Essay» (open-end) question
  • Resolved possible Javascript conflicts
  • Internationalization ready — find the .pot file in langs/ folder

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